Donald Trump declared disaster area, the state of Florida by the coronavirus


The president Donald Trump declared this Wednesday to Florida, an area of “major disaster” by the advance of the coronavirus. The measure involves the grant of federal aid to supplement recovery efforts by state and local in the areas affected by the pandemic.

The action of the President Trump puts at the disposal of the state federal funding for the crisis counseling to the affected people in all areas of Florida, and makes it retroactive, since the 20 of January and to be applied in all 67 counties of the state.

The release released by the White House indicates that “federal funds are also available to governments-state, tribal, and eligible local and certain private, non-profit organization to measures of emergency protection, including federal assistance direct to all areas of the state of Florida affected by the COVID-19”.

Gracia B. Szczech has been named as the Coordinator for Federal recovery operations federal in the affected areas of the state.

The governor Ron DeSantis had made the request the president Trump the Mondaythrough a letter, in which he argued that the expansion of the virus is having a serious effect on the economy and on the health services of the state.

The governor stressed in the letter which increased to 130 thousand in just four days of the week, applications for unemployment benefit, compared with 28 thousand petitions in the whole of the previous week.

The politician explained that the hospitals and first responders of Florida are currently facing challenges that are not used, to which is added that in these times the economic losses are significant as a result of the closure of the tourist activity.

The declaration of “major disaster” benefits to the state with certain programs of assistance to the unemployed, loans, and food programs for the community.

From now on the government can provide measures of emergency protection, as well as the activation of the Operations Center in a State of Emergency, the National Guard, the Law on Empowerment and other measures necessary for the public health and safety.

Florida has become the fourth state in the nation to be declared a disaster area by the advance of the coronavirus after New York, Washington and California.

Senator Rick Scott has been one of the first politicians to react to the measure. The governor thanked the president for the approval of Florida as an area of “major disaster” and stressed that “it is incredibly important that floridians have access to all possible resources”, while continuing to battle the advancement of the coronavirus.

The Florida Department of Health announced on the morning of this Wednesday, until the time there are confirmed 1.682 cases COVID-19 in the state and 22 deaths. The counties most affected so far are Miami-Dade, with 400 cases, and Broward county, with 355.

In the last few hours the authorities of the city of Miami was ordered to compulsory detention for their residents as a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus.The measure, which affects to the municipality of Miami -not Miami-Dade county – will enter into force on the midnight of this Wednesday and will be active until further order.