DOWN – Osmariel Villalobos and Julian Gil swept the dance floor with a merenguito (+VIDEO)


Julián Gil and Osmariel Villalobos do not hesitate to dance a piecita together and publish it on social networks, to the surprise of all the fans.

The actor Julian Gil published a video in their stories of Instagram, dancing with the cheerleader Osmariel Villalobos in Dominican Republic during your stay Cana Golden Festival.

The actor in addition to publishing the story tagged to the venezuelan in its history making it clear that she knows who is the ex-beauty queen with whom he was having fun during the event.

For its part, Osmariel was a few days travel in Tulum, Mexico and it triggered a controversy by his stay in that place, something that apparently the ex-cheerleader Portada’s she didn’t care much, she returned to make bags and departed to the first edition of the CANA GOLDEN FESTIVALevent attended by the argentine actor Julián Gil, Osmel Sousa, Irene Esser, Zuleika Rivera, Mariana Jimenez, among others.

In the audiovisual you can see the actor dancing a dominican merengue along with Osmarielenjoying the party at the hotel quite close to each other.

It is worth noting, that internet users say that Gil has a strong preference for the venezuelan because of his previous relationship with Marjorie De Sousa and his public confession of love to the presenter Kerly Ruiz.

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