Gabriel Soto revealed that it is SEPARATE from Irina Baeva


The heartthrob of telenovelas Gabriel Soto revealed the television program “Despierta America”, which is separate from the famous actress Russian Irina Baevasince the couple decided to take distance and be away for a while, is he finished?.

We recall that the former Geraldine Bazán began a romantic relationship with the sexy blonde, but apparently the form that started their romance was criticized in social networks, because it all came about when the actor was married to the mother of his daughters.

But despite the comments, the celebrities have shown that between them there is a love very strong, although the recent statements of the actor of Televisa, left puzzled as to the internet users, for it revealed that he has not seen the beautiful Russian.

It seems that Gabriel Soto decided to split from Irina Baeva for a reason, because due to the illness of a coronavirus-the famous is doing quarantine in his home in Acapulco in the company of his daughters.

Through an interview with the conductor Alan Tacher on the program “Despierta America”, he questioned the actor about yes the actress was with him; the actor revealed that his girlfriend is not in the house of Acapulco.

The actor is separated from the beautiful Russian

Gabriel Soto commented in the interview that he hopes to be reunited with his beautiful bride, because due to the precautionary measures that should be taken to prevent the spread of the virus Covid-19, have been separated for a few weeks.

While the actress Russian has been at home with the company of his family, as his sister traveled all the way from Russia to visit, but because of the virus Covid-19, have been kept isolated and doing quarantine.

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Remember that Irina Baeva and the heartthrob of Televisa have had a romance solid despite the criticism of some famous and users, as internet users still do not forget the betrayal they suffered Geraldine Bazán.

Photo: Instagram.