German confirms collaboration with Nicki, Nicole, and their fans go nuts


Since shared stage at the Spotify Awards, many people had asked German and Nicki Nicole we made a collaboration and it has become a reality, as the interpreter of Rucón gave the news in their social networks.

German and Nicki Nicole join their voices

German shared in your account of Instagram two pictures next to the beautiful Nicki and in the photo caption mentioned the following message that went crazy to her fans, the “alemaniacos”:

“We have a hit pal’ Hurricane”

“Hurricane” is the name of the new album by rapper originally from Baja California, and during the 2020 has been revealing song after song on Spotify and YouTube. Several of their releases have entered the top 10 videos with the most visits.

One of their new hits that had a great impact of this new album was “High Life”, as it is a song dedicated to his family and to his fans, in addition to that in the video included the people that it is more important to him, as are his parents and his girlfriend Karém Momo.

Fans of German mad

The new collaboration with Nicki also broke the comments of their followers saying that they would make a great couple of boyfriends but many other fans began to ask for more respect as German to have a romantic relationship for many years with the actress before mentioned.

Maybe you are interested.- So was the presentation of German and Nicki Nicole on Spotify Awards 2020

There is No doubt that all expect that this new collaboration is a success and break records of views. It is worth mentioning that both famous only they had shared the stage in the event Spotify Awards 2020, and both have a share in the account of BZRP on YouTube.