Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are dominating the dance viral these days of confinement


Jean Baptiste LacroixGetty Images

And if you had to stay for two weeks 24 hours locked in homewithout being able to leave for nothing and occupying your entire day with things that before just did it case? So remote seemed the question that neither we posed. Until now. Find entertainment to complete the day is a must, and get the mood raging at the news that we see and hear and the possibility that this stretch out is essential.

There are famous that don’t stop giving ideas through the social networks and since then dance is in the top 5 of the list. This has been demonstrated in Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. The couple is isolated in their home by the crisis of the coronavirusbut that does not prevent him from being in contact with his followers. And why not share what you do?

They (like many others) have been pointed out these days to the pajamas as a uniform, yes, with styles that were very different: while Justin strip of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt and a loose-fitting Hailey has not given up on a style that is more sexy, with a brief set of short and top cropped in boxes vichy.

But the best thing is to see them dance: perfectly synchronized and without getting too close, showing that they carry the rhythm in the body and they know well how to deal with a quarantine with a lot of rhythm. Can I do something better to have fun and entertain others? The best proof that your video have been delighted to are the almost seven million reproductions that takes you in just 7 hours and the comments from friends as Kylie Jenner.

They are not the only ones that have been delivered to the dance. Other celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba also have thought of that TikTok you can be the best escape route for these days, and there invite their fans to follow them.