Hailey Baldwin confesses the difficulty of being married to Justin Bieber


The first few months of Hailey Baldwin as the wife of Justin Bieber, were a nightmare!

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Hailey and Justin already have more than year of being married, the guys had a wedding so civil in New York, and a year later they were married in a religious wedding together with family and friends; however, not everything has been easy for the couple.

During a recent interview with the Elle magazine, Hailey confessed that the first few months of marriage with Justin were super difficult, and all because the singer was experiencing the first symptoms of Lyme disease.

Were months in what was to be a wife, newly married, trying to help him to discover what was wrong and what was going on. Now is perfectly healthy. But to go through that and then try to say: ‘what, Then, where you fit into our wedding in this?’ There seemed to be the vibe at all,”: Were the words of mrs. Bieber.

Hailey confessed that speculations about drugs, affected him so much Justin: “We didn’t have a diagnosis. And it was difficult because everyone from the outside was being super bad and critical, saying that it appeared that he was drugged, saying how unhealthy that seemed, when in truth, he was not healthy and we didn’t know why”.

Despite all the difficulties, Hailey is convinced that Justin is the man of your dreams: “He has grown a lot. I was really shocked. I think I’ve also grown a lot. He was someone that always bother me so much and who he loved very much. Obviously, it took work to overcome the things between the two of us, but it was worth it. Is an amazing man and amazing and a good companion to spend the life. There is no one else who would have wanted to spend my life except him. So I’m lucky”.

It seems that the marriage of Hailey and Justin have been full of difficulties, but the couple has managed to librarlas and seem more in love than ever.

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