Hailey Baldwin reveals how caught the attention of Justin Bieber


Hailey Baldwin Bieber
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Justin Bieber confessed on many occasions how it was that he fell in love with his wife Hailey Baldwin, but now came the turn of the model. Baldwin unveiled details never before counted in a recent interview on the program The Tonight Show Starring of Jimmy Fallon. Mrs. Bieber confessed a curious fact that it was key to start your relationship with the singer.

Hailey Baldwin recalled next to Fallon the same time she showed his skill to open a beer bottle with your teeth. The images of that time were very fun and they managed to call the attention of whoever is her husband. The model explained that at the end of the program he received a text message nothing more and nothing less than Justin Bieber.

“Actually there is another funny story behind this. The last time I was here, we made this little trick of party to open a bottle with my teeth,” explained Baldwin. “The next morning, after airing the interview, I received a phone call from a certain person”added.

“Hello, how are you? I saw you last night with Jimmy Fallon, you looked very well. I loved that trick you did, I had no idea that you could do that, it was great,” he told the model about what you said Justin Bieber.

To the surprise of the public who was present at the show, the model concluded: “I hung up and now I’m married to that certain person”, referring to her husband.

After Hailey Baldwin told his story of love with Bieber, Fallon commented that it seemed to him incredible. “A film of love but in real life,” he said.