Hailey Baldwin reveals the trick that got the attention of Justin Bieber


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Hailey Baldwin has spoken of a fundamental detail that changed his life forever. With all sorts of details, the young person has been unveiled in the program Jimmy Fallon how it was for her the first time I visited the studios of The Tonight Show in New York, where he now has repeated as guest. The top model you have come to after many years of absence to talk about his personal life and in the best interests of their fans, his relationship with the singer Justin Bieber.

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On that first visit to the program, the model he showed his skill at the time of opening a beer bottle with your teeth, without using any tool. The images, which were very fun, they got to call the attention of someone very specialas has been explained now Hailey with Jimmy Fallon, since Justin Bieber wrote a message text nothing more to finish the program. “How are you? I saw you last night in the program Jimmy Fallon. You were really cool. I loved the trick you did, I had no idea you could do that. Moló”, wrote the singer to the model showing their interest in her. Thanks to this interaction, both retook a contact that had long not had, that ended up becoming the relationship that has led them to be husband and wife.

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The presenter did not hesitate to ensure that the love story between the two is amazing, “a genuine film, but in real life”. For their part, Hailey confessed that her father took her to the program Today Show on the day that Justin was presented as a guest, but that she was not “a fan of Justin”. However, once that is met yes felt connected with him as friends. The model concluded by recognizing that never imagined to become the partner, fiancée, and wife of the singer. They were friends for a while, but never thought that their relationship would come to both.