Harry Styles makes a statement about your vacation ‘romantic’ with Adele | TRIBUNE


London, England.- The past month of January the fans of Adele they suspected that the actress could have given a new chance at love, as was seen most happy in your holidays by the beaches of the caribbean along with the singer Harry Styles.

It was also believed that if not well this was not a relationshipcould well be for a future collaboration. Despite the fact that none of the two artists he mentioned something about it at the time.

Styles was questioned in the show of Howard Stern in recent days on the topic, so I took the opportunity to make a statement where he mentioned that they just spent the time.

I feel that it is only when two musicians hang out,” replied Harry.

But he expressed his discontent with the following sentence:

(When two artists are seen together), Or are coming out or are recording together is that a hard no?”.

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