“Has died of overdose”. Justin Bieber, Haley Baldwin and Hollywood hit


hailey baldwin and justin bieber

February 19, 2020
(21:42 CET)

Hollywood is mourning the death of former child actor Jason Davis, who today was dedicated to the dubbing and especially to the investments already that it was a millionaire due to the fortune of his grandfather, oil magnate Marvin Davis.

Jason Davis was known for his work on series such as ‘Roseanne’ and S eventh Heaven’, he has also participated in films of series B as ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Beverly Hills Ninja’ and ‘Mafia!’.

A personal friend of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwindue to his uncle’s Alec Baldwin who was introduced a few years ago, has meant that the partner is very hurt by the loss of the famous actor.

Problems with drugs

In the past Jason Davis has had problems with heroin, a drug that seemed to have left already for a few years, however, social networks have warned that his death could have been due to a relapse.

The american actor had been very engaged with the fight against addictions and had founded even the center to Cure Addiction Now after having his own fight in 2011 to get out of the heroin.

In the detox center will fund research to help people leave their problems with substances. Not yet known the reason of the death of Jason Davis, but at 35 it seems likely that the drugs can be one of the causes.