HIGHLIGHTING WHAT is GOOD – This #25Mar actor Edgar Ramirez met 42 years


Edgar Ramirez fulfilled already 42 years oldand to celebrate we pulled out some of their best moments of the race.

The venezuelan actor most beloved by all of Venezuela is without a doubt Edgar Ramirez who this march 25 celebrated his birthday number 42 and what better way to celebrate than by doing a count of his biggest hits that have taken him to consolidate on the small screen and the big screen both in your nation and in other countries.

The tachirense, he spent most of his childhood travelling in different countries because his father was in the military; that’s why fluent in English, German, Italian and even French.

His leap to fame was in the soap opera ‘Cosita Rica’there he gave life to the character that, until today, accompanies it with the name of Cacique. That same year (2003), they went out to the movies ‘Yotama goes flying’ and ‘Point and line’, and there also participated.

In 2005 he got his first opportunity to go to Hollywood and co-starred ribbon american ‘Domino’there she played the role of Choco.

Other films such as: ‘The Bourne ultimatum’; ‘Cyrano Fernandez’; ‘Vantage Point’; ‘Che, The Argentine’; ‘Carlos’; ‘Saluda al diablo de mi party’; they have also had their performances. In the series ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story‘, he gave life to the well-remembered fashion designer Gianni Versace.

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With great actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro he has had the opportunity to work. Currently, it is expected the premiere of the Disney film, ‘Jungle Cruise’, where will share starring of Dwayne Johnson.

Its international recognition has been evidenced with the nominations that have been awarded in multiple occasions in the Golden globe, Awards of the Union of Actors and the Emmy Awards, among others. In addition, is the winner of a Award Caesar and a SOUL Award.

The majority of venezuelans recognize Édgar Ramírez as an icon of the country and through the social networks, admiration is exposed.

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