How will do that? Antje Utgaard can be folded in two just like this!


When one is beautiful it seems that you do not have more merit in the life we have been graced with the genetic. And Antje Utgaard we thought that until we realize what it is capable of doing, not everyone has the flexibility of the model and less to do these movements without spilling a drop of sweat!

After a lot of trying to locate the other virtues of the model and which should not to be to what is obvious and jumps out at the view we have discovered that the passion of the German for the sport has been equipped with a elasticity that almost could be considered supernatural. The athlete is not only the pretty face of energy drinks, Antje mastered the art of contortionismor at least is capable of bending in two!

Look and judge for yourselves…

The foreground of one of those drinks and Utgaard begins with the moves, says that it is yoga but I never saw you practice it as well!

Or there are special classes of yoga for the special people?

Mat, comfortable clothing, and stretch everything that you can that what comes after is fireworks, arms, legs… it can be before break by half!

And after that, it is already prepared to bend in two, and it does!

To be completely honest, note some grimace of discomfort or something of pain in the gestures of the ‘yogi’ while doing so, which confirms that it is human though to do these things!

And, once the exercise –and all on the occasion of another of those drinks that sponsor their life and their expenses – smile of an actress, and embrace the poodle that also has its slip of paper in the video.

And almost that we’ve been left without words. And we don’t know if it has been by the exercise, by Antje, by the dog or by all of them!