I offer to leave Elite! Esther Expósito and Danna Paola I tempted! Netflix the lost!


March 25, 2020
(16:09 CET)

Without a doubt, one of the few good news that we have had during the crisis of the coronavirus, has been the third season of Elite. The series of Netflix was released just the next day that it was issued by the state of alarm in Spain and swept at the end of last week between the users of the digital platform.

A success which, however, is not new. From that Netflix brought to light in the first season was an absolute success. The series gathered some famous faces such as Mary Pedraza and other more anonymous but high-level as the Esther Expósito, which coupled to a script outstanding has resulted in an explosive mixture that has wiped out among the viewers.

mary pedraza presentation

Elite triumphs in the quarantine

Some have criticized the product, considering that it has a tone too risen, but the acclaim of the fans stop the criticism in a third plane.

Now the followers of Elite already looking forward to the fourth season. We will not do a spoiler, but we also look forward to.


However, there were a few days ago rumors that Netflix you would be thinking in cancel the series. Commented that the success of the series had raised the cache of some actors to a level that Netflix I would not be willing to take. Especially in regard to Esther Expósito and the mexican Danna Paola. And is that in the last few months would have rained a bid to embark on other projects.

However, this news was refuted by the own producer. Because they are the first to have clear that the series should continue.

The only problem could be the cause of the crisis of the coronavirus, which could delay the plans established for the production of this fourth season. But even if it is later, there is still a lot of fabric to cut (and a lot of blood, running) among the students of The Oaks.