I Was In Shock! Danna Paola EXPLOITS against Elite Did you Quit the series?


Danna Paola this is again in the middle of a controversy, and now it has to do with his work in the Spanish series Elite, where it allegedly has played a temper tantrum against the producers,

Was the reporter Gabriel Caves who explained in Formula Spectacular that the star of the series Elite said to the writers of the ‘Elite’ who no longer wanted to participate and asked the producers of the series from Netflix ‘Elite’ that we do not contemplate for the fourth season.

Does Danna Paola no longer be in Elite?

“All this because in the third season he was not very happy how they handled his character because he left to be the bitch, and she became the good”, is the argument that according to the journalist has given about the inconsistency of the singer.

It is noteworthy that in the which have elapsed throughout the three seasons, Lucretia, a character to which he gave life Danna Paola, has suffered a transformation, because of being a young, very shallow and strong of character, is transformed into a girl the most good.

That is why even though it is already confirmed the fourth season of ‘Elite’, Danna Paola is sure that you do not want to give life to the whimsical Lu, for the simple fact that it has been transformed into a character good.

“As she did not like how the producers handled the third season ( … ), who told them that the people of Netflix that does not want to participate in the fourth season because they did not like how they handled his character.”

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It should be noted that in an interview that has been leaked on Youtube, you can watch as Danna Paola speaks very openly about all the experiences he had in Madrid, in that interview, the singer noted that what he liked most was being able to walk leisurely, something you can’t do in Mexico because all the recognize.