IN SUPPORT – Manuel Rodriguez defends models in venezuela in Tulum under your character, “I Am Lilian” (+ VIDEO)


After the controversy that was generated some days ago on the models venezuelan that are found in Mexico, the beloved humorist Venezuelan, Manuel Rodriguez expressed his opinion on the matter by filing through his character, “I Am Lilian”.

For its part, the talented venezuelan public this week through his official account on the social network Instagram, a new video where we see him playing a successful character “Lilian” and talking about the models in venezuela that is located in Tulum, Mexico, and who were accused of being sponsored by drug traffickers.

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In turn, the creole started commenting a little bit about the topic, then invite people to take charge of your life and stop criticizing people without having information overwhelming.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the venezuelan you kept the essence of his character, with humor and making us laugh with each one of their thoughts on the controversial topic.

Always, under his character, Manuel seeks to be aware of all the news make viral and trends in Venezuela.

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