In the bathroom and doing this. Yuliett Torres lets you see everything in this selfie


Didn’t have to repeat it again for you all the world was aware of what was theirsbecause the whole world is already aware of how it is spent, but Yuliett Towers has fallen into the trap of abuse of fashion.

And we’re not talking about the fashion runway and fashion magazine, for anything. We refer to this taste unbridled by the selfies that round to our famous.

And nor would it be worthy of mention if the thing was only for selfies, the thing acquires dyes of repetition because Yuliett has become to be photographed in the bathroomrepeating a set, and the method.

And it is not that the model fitness ande short of ideas, what happens is that once in a while it is faster and easier it is to repeat.

Leaving to one side the little imagination the mexican –this time, because on other occasions the outboard – we must recognize that the concern of the athlete by delight at their core is a point in its favor.

And let the mirror reflects all yours it is an art that few dominate, although teach rear and front with these tricks it is not far behind!

It is not surprising that according to to see your publication all the followers think of your competition, in Kim Kardashian and begin to take account of who has more than who or if she was the first and you came after. All of that gives us equal.

The idea is to be able to brighten up the retinawith your leggings, with your tops, with what you teach and what you’re wearing less, wherever you are, with or without a selfie, as you prefer.

But for next time keep in mind that rewards the originality, and the curves do not forget.