It Burns Save Me! Jorge Javier Vázquez bursts and the lia. War on Telecinco


March 26, 2020
(09:00 CET)

Jorge Javier Vázquez is not willing to leave Save me in spite of any medical recommendation. He has shown that he is a great professional and for him the most important thing is to be in his job because to entertain it is also something very important in these difficult times where you turn on the television and all the news is bad.

The famous are confined at home and there are few news about them. Only what they want to tell through the social networks. In addition, Save me, for reasons of security measures, account with less collaborators. For this reason the program has seen an altered skeleton. Now, the first few hours of the space is dedicated, with a few experts, to treat the last hour about the coronavirus and the situation in the country. To do this have doctors, lawyers, and other personalities related.

The Catalan has already had a discussion last week with the famous Spiriman, a physician youtuberthat he is willing to discredit all the politicians and their actions. After your tone and your lack of respect constant, the program decided to put an end to the conversation with a Jesus Candel visibly angry. However, the program returned to count with your presence last Wednesday.

Jorge Javier Vázquez with Spiriman

The doctor of Granada came back into the program via Skype. Something weird that left in the wrong place at the presenter, the programme and the chain. However, his way of talking, without any kind of filter, it generates interest in the audience. Spiriman was much more calm. Although he continued alarming the population by the situation the country and criticized the lack of equipment in hospitals.

The little time of conversation, Jesus returned to the charge and criticised the fact that the workers were in the program. Right away, with respect, Jorge Javier Vazquez jumped. “What I have to do is comply with the measures of the Government. I have a commitment with the people who see me and to whom I owe a entertainment. Do your job, I do mine“he espetaba. “I will not tolerate is that from your position alientes the conflict, to the crack. It seems to Me that you’ve had a perfect discourse”.

The conversation escalated. “Many workers that you have there do not understand why they are going to work. I’m not going to hide the reality of things”.

“Could you make the programs from your home and lead by example. The people of hospitals, supermarkets, and pharmacies have to go to work. The rest you are taking this with the seriousness that it should be”. Although the driver was still trying to fire you, “Spiriman” he didn’t cut his speech: “We are tucked into a panic terrible, acojonados to see how something that could have been avoided, now we are going to load it with patients who have high viral loads and just as we die. I’m telling you this because, like you, also you can die”. The doctor granada culminated his intervention going back to the point that they had to go home: “What I don’t understand in this country is this: you can continue giving mood on social networks, so do not follow deceiving as politicians“.