It’s too much for the view! Antje Utgaard used the same size that Demi Rose!


Antje Utgaard it seems not to have enough to be able to wear the outfit you want that also wants to make designer improvised. Everything is possible with a physical and a size like yours. And is that as can be seen, between she and Demi Rose there is no difference of size, if they propose could exchange your funds wardrobe!

The resemblance between the two is ‘big’ -as well as your physique – and almost more than remove them as potential competition what that does is bring the two sides closer, what possible friendship based on the greatness body?

They spoke of Kate Upton and its similar with Antje, but is it wrong to look for a double because without a doubt it Demi is yours!

And how are we so sure of this?

Because only there is that to look at her and realize their reasons…

A blonde and another brunette, but this can be solved. Antje with clear eyes and Demi have yet to be determined… but when we see the model fitness with a look like now, inevitably the curvy for excellence comes to our head, and we compare… and we realize that both are equally great!

When you view the snapshot of Antje someone could think that the t-shirt with a knot at the height of the stomach is designed to fool the eye and pretend that the Swedish look bigger, but nothing could be further from the reality.

This is the way in which the celebrity reinvents its modelsto give you a point appealing to a t-shirt sports that release says nothing but that collection is ‘your one’. And let you see their abdominalthat is also about that.

Will we be able to see some day to the two most large in the same publication? Perhaps also a Anastasiya Kvitko the clan and no longer be a duo… even Though three equal in size-it’s too much for the view!