J Balvin surrenders to the twerking of Nastya Nass to the beat of “Black”


It has done it again! The dancer Nastya Nass it is one of the instructors of twerking best known in the virtual world. Only in Instagram account with a community of 7.3 million followers. In addition you may boast of having impressed with his skill in this mode of dancing to artists such as Daddy Yankee, Cardi B or J Balvin in the years that it takes to conquer this social network.

And once more, the colombian J Balvin has been surrended to the young by the dance that has starred at the rate of Blackone of the topics that make up his latest album Colors. And how not, after having seen the video has not been able to avoid share it with the world through his profile of Instagram.

Only in the profile of the colombian, the video adds a million views and the count keeps rising as the foam.

In addition, the dance has served the reguetonero to propose a new challenge: exercising to the rhythm of the song. The singer has promised to make a compilation with the best videos and share them in your account. Without a doubt, a way to exercise and be entertained for the next few days of quarantine. Do you dare to try?

This is not the first time that the interpreter of My people shares a dancing of the young Ukrainian, who is a regular at the time of joining to the challenges proposed by the Latin artists. But yeah, always gives his personal touch to the challenges with his waist movements.

Some years ago, J Balvin also echoed the dance that made the pace of Reggaetonone of their successes more impressive.

During the last few weeks one of the videos that more has called the attention among the users of social networks was the one who posted the instructor dancing to the rhythm of Safaera Bad Bunny.

The dance exceeded 5.6 million views on Instagram, and the impact was such that even the very Rabbit Bad commented on the post with a “dianches”.

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