Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez reveal their most intimate secrets in the ‘Couples Challenge’


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez they are squeezing the most of these days of quarantine by pandemic coronavirus. In addition to be working on their projects from the comfort of your home and enjoy your childrenthe couple have also allowed their followers to know a little more about their relationship thanks to one of the challenges that it has become fashionable in the platform Tik Tok.

It is the ‘Couples Challenge’, which is to respond by pointing with the finger to the questions that were going to be while keeping the eyes closed. Who gave the first kiss? Who is the most fun? And what about the more patient? These are some of the questions that have made them on their courtship and they have responded with no holds barred. But yeah, there are some answers in which it seems that they are not very agree…

Thanks to the challenge we have been able to know that the two coincide in pointing out to JLo as the best cook, the one who gave the first kiss, the longer it takes to get ready in the morning and you spend more money. While the expelotero was the first to say “I love you”. itAww!

Both, however, are not decided at the time of aim at that apologizes first after a fight, the most romantic or the most patient.

The followers of the ‘lovebirds’ would love to see the facet more spontaneous and closer to who always try to convey with their videos to social networks. A content that you now appreciate more their fans for the exceptional situation in which we find the planet and that allows them to unwind.

During the last few days, Alex Rodriguez has been the more active of the pair on social networks and has been sharing other family moments that you are enjoying while you are confined in your home.

A few days ago published a video in which we see him playing along to their four girls to the baseball in his garden.

“You can let go this time, or you can use it and use it to work on your shot, watch a ton of videos and become a better player. You can also use it to spend quality time with the family. We have fun playing baseball in the yard with the four powerful women in my life. When I was your age, I couldn’t pay for bats, balls and gloves. I was lucky to have good mentors that I take care of them and that the @bgcmiamidade give me a place to play. Today, it was fun to see them take some cuts. The only part depressing it was to see Jen get her beat up and throw. What can’t it do it? She even hits better than I do!”, he wrote highlighting the great potential of his girl as a player of baseball, revealing once more that is his number one fan.