Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez revealed intimate details of their relationship for the challenge of Tik Tok (+VIDEO)


Before the quarantine, preventive, the singer and her fiancé have had time to hang out with their kids, and of course upload comedy videos to social networks.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been shown to be one of the couples more fun and popular show business and this time was no exception to join a famous challenge couples Tik Tok.

The lovers took part in the Couples Challengea challenge that is to listen to questions with your eyes closed and answer the questions by pointing with the index finger, without uttering words or sounds.


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In that sense, both responded to fourteen questions about their relationship, as who gave the first kiss, who is the most gracious, the most patient, who spends more money, who is the most romantic, who said “I love you” first, who is the most messy and who is more grumpy in the morningsto , among other.

The fun part of this challenge was to see the famous couple match in most of the answers, demonstrating a strong relationship and getting to know intimate details of this.

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