Jorge Junior exploits in the nets after being accused of doing nothing by gender, urban


The cuban singer of urban music Jorge Hernandez Carvajal, popularly known in showbiz as Jorge Junior, has launched a strong message on the social networks after having been crossed out, do nothing for the genre urban.

The leader of the grouping 4 shared a comprehensive text in its account of Facebook dedicated to a person who does not reveal his name, but refers to him as a “frustrated,” and it seems to be the author of these accusations towards his person.

To defend itself and refute the idea that he has not contributed anything to the popular genre, Jorge Junior has done a count since the beginning of his career of the hand of Eddy K to its current position as the director of your band.

“Today, a frustrated told me to do something for the urban genre. Here I go: Jorge Hernandez Carvajal, initially, I was a member of the grouping Eddy K, that group to which I belonged from its beginnings excelled by being in the first places of the urban music hitting two disks in a row, making their tours common for Europe or Mexico,” were his first statements.

According to what you commented below Jorge Junioreverything points to that this is someone that also had a pool but whose career was short-lived. Even, he added that not remember to have seen within the field of gender urban when and that instead, he continued to advance until you have your own group.

“At that time I do not remember having seen in the urban branch. That group gave him a lot of joy to Cuba and to many countries, the joy that you speak of and have never been able to give. Time passed and I assemble this great group called The 4, when if I remember correctly since your grouping wasn’t here on the island, that is to say you were not aware,” he said.

Facebook / Jorge Hernandez Carvajal

The reguetonero recalled that this person was always alert of his work and that he would go to his concerts to see “as a student in the classroom.” He also told him that if one of the two I had to prove something to the music, it was him.

“I remember every concert you did you were sitting at a table looking at my group as a student in the classroom. The 4 you gave and still giving to many countries, and you’re aware of that, a lot of joy. The joy of which you speak that you have not been able to give it. I think that between you and I, the one who should do something and show something by the urban music, art thou, that I think that the most beautiful of your career you saw when you were here,” he added.

Jorge Junior he supported his words by mentioning some of the achievements that you have obtained since you began to be a part of the movement reguetonero of Cuba until the date of the hand of The 4.

“It shows, as I demonstrated, it takes your from zero to over, set flag, that the musicians of this country first-level respect you for your talent and what you’ve accomplished.If I stuck my hand in the candle crazy and not I burned. I’ve fallen three times and three times I’ve set foot,” he said.

“However, you from that you went into a tailspin, and hast not known how to lift the head and still there eating what stings the chicken hanging on and waiting for you to keep. What you were? what? Remember that what was and is not, is as if it had never been. However, I am the director of The 4, let of theatre”, he concluded.