Justin Bieber breaks the heart of Hailey Baldwin, the song could be for Selena


Recently, a new rumor puts the love triangle built by the singer Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez in the midst of the controversy, noting that a new issue of the artist’s dedication to his ex-partner.

The protagonists in the controversy, again occupy the headlines after a story has been leaked about the new issue of the singer who apparently is going to dedicate herself to the singer of texan, Selena Gomez, who was his partner for over ten years.

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After that the singer, Justin Bieber, reveal is in isolation after the restrictions of isolation by the new pandemic, the canadian has taken advantage of that time to be inspired and compose new themes, to which several fans have suggested if it would create a new topic for Selena Gomez.

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What is a fact is that if this will come to be real, it would not be to the liking of his wife, the model Hailey Baldwin.

However, some of the fans already suggest that there may be a subliminal message to Gomez within from their album “Changes”.

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As she did when it launched the theme “Lose you to love me“the singer might choose to devote some of the letters in a manner less evident in their latest album.

And that is despite the fact that each time take more and more years of their past relationship, fans of the couple more dear, and who grabbed all the reflectors, have not forgotten their relationship and always try to find a link however small between the two, although this is only by means of his music is to send a few hints.

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However, until the time the interpreter “Baby“it has not dedicated until the time any of their songs that seems to be your beloved wife, for which reason it could also be that his faithful followers kept alive the hope that in the end still miss the former Disney star, Selena, even if he is married with the Hailey Baldwin.