Justin Bieber on his marriage with Hailey Baldwin: it was fixed


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
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Justin Bieber confessed, in the program of Ellen DeGeneres, that his marriage with the model Hailey Baldwin was arranged by their parents years ago.

The interpreter of “Sorry” made the confession while Demi Lovato so I interviewed them for the show. When asked how he met Baldwin, Bieber said: “We met early one morning, in a recording of Today Show. I’m sure that she didn’t want to be there; her father pulled her out of bed in the morning, and I think that as she was educated with the christian religion, and they discovered that I also, well, I think it was an arranged marriage, I am very sure of it.”

He added: “Looking back now, it was definitely an arranged marriage, they fixed everything.”

The canadian singer stated that both families belonged to the christian religion, connected from the beginning. Their parents became good friends.

“My dad and your mom met and made a special connection as friends, and invite them to dinner. The next day he and your mother came to dinner with me and my family, and we went to play bowling,” recalled Baldwin in the program Jimmy Fallon.

The model added: “I felt a little uncomfortable at the time, I was using a brake, in no moment I thought that he might have a crush with me. I didn’t do it, that was not the case at all. We were living together and he is now my husband. It is ridiculous”.

The singer, 25 years of age, and the model of 22 years, met in 2009. In 2018 they were married in a secret civil. The event was held in New York. On the 30th of September, married by the church in a luxurious resort in South Carolina.