Kelly Clarkson 2019: What is the purpose of Kelly Clarkson for the 2019? | Entertainment


True to his character honest and sympathetic sense of humor, the singer Kelly Clarkson has not had any qualms in sharing with all his followers of social networks that, along the this christmas seasonhas ended up gaining a few pounds more than you had originally planned, so that the first of the many purposes that it has set out to face the year that is start lies in nothing less than get rid of that additional burden, on the other hand, comes from one of the great pleasures of life.

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“I tightened the pants, but I do not regret anything”, has written the star of the music on your Twitter profile, for a joke, below, about the process you will follow to return to your ideal weight. “That person who claims to have lost weight during the holidays… Don’t worry, I’ve found myself and I’ll return him as soon as you arrive on the first of January,” he said in a playful tone.

The doubt is now on the techniques that will bring out the performer american to burn those extra calories and regain normality after a christmas marked by some other excess, as she herself admitted recently that the prospect of going regularly to the gym to train it was not exactly appetizing.

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The truth is that I still hate with all my soul what going to the gym. Sudo a lot, I get as red as a tomato and not appreciate too many changes. People say that exercise is good for the heart, but the same people also said that red wine is good for the heart… I don’t know, I’m only releasing objective data, what and who am I to ignore the advice of science?”, asked Kelly at the end of the last month of November on the same platform.