Kelly Clarkson breaks out before the rumors about his weight loss | Trends


The singer Kelly Clarkson has always maintained that the comments about your image and, in particular, weight gain that I had experienced in comparison with the beginning of his career, I took in all the sleep, but in the last year, fans could not help noticing that he had begun to look a silhouette more stylized.

In that moment, the interpreter is instructed to clarify that it had made a series of changes in his daily routine due to thyroid problems derived from the autoimmune disease that he suffers and that he explained that he had lost something over fifteen pounds.

In spite of this, slimming down has never been their ultimate goal and for that same reason has now been taken as a personal affront to the stories about that I would be taking different medications and restricting the intake of calories by reasons purely esthetic.

“Some of the false stories circulating out there about my person make reference to the pills rare that I would be taking to lose weight, or to the latest trends in diets and I would have signed up. None of that is true. I don’t have time for things like that. I’m still eating the same as always. Only that now I use flours, sugars and different ingredients”he assured the artist through his account Twitter, mentioning in the tweet to the doctor Gundry, whose directions in the book ‘The Plant Paradox’ is following today.