Kelly Clarkson doesn’t care how it looks, as long as it is happy


Like that is not censorship when talking about the pressures that led her to suffer from an eating disorder in the beginning of his career, Kelly Clarkson nor does it have hairs on the tongue when it comes to commenting on the change in his image since that time, especially in regards to their weight gain. In that sense, the singer has no hesitation in saying that he is “fat” because, in your case, it means that you have left behind the darkest chapters of its history.

“When I’m fat is because I am happy. People think that it must have happened something bad, because I’ve gained weight. But no, sorry, it simply represents the happiness of my emotional world. In my case, usually when I’m thin is because something is not going well”, explains the artist in an interview to the magazine Redbook.

The opinions of other people about their appearance, which are never lacking in an industry like the music, and the inevitable comparisons of the ‘before and after’ you care more about with such to ensure their mental health.

“You cannot guide your life based on what other people think, if you do you’ll kill in a constant state of panic by trying to please everyone. People should concentrate on their own livesin your health and your happiness, no matter what it implies for you; with that should be enough for you to feel happy,” he says.

Until you embrace this philosophy, the interpreter has had to travel a long way and learn how to get out of situations and toxic people. A clear example was his decision to leave the record label with which he signed after winning the television contest ‘American Idol‘, through which the pressured, to fit the standard of beauty that is traditionally associated to a pop star, to the point of making you lose the desire of singing and of living.

“When I was very thin, I wanted to kill myself. It was incredibly sad, inside and out, for four years of my life. But nobody cared because aesthetically it fit. I thought that the only solution was to forgo the music. His knees and feet shattered because the only thing I did was to run: I put the helmets of music and began to run. I was at the gym all the time,” he recalled recently about that stage of his career in an interview to the magazine Attitude.