Kelly Clarkson is subjected to surgery after the Billboard Music Awards


Kelly Clarkson had a emergency surgery just after completing his work as host of the Billboard Music Awards 2019.

The singer of 37 years, flew to his home in Los Angeles after the show Wednesday night in Las Vegas and he withdrew his appendix during a surgery on Thursday.

I’m not going to lie … I may or may not have taken to crying after the show for pain

“BUT thanks to all the amazing people @Cedars-Sinai, I Flew home directly after the event, had the surgery early this morning and I feel awesome now good-Bye, appendix #TheShowMustGoOn”, confesóa Clarkson in his account of Twitter.

Despite the pain, Clarkson performed her new song ‘Broken & Beautiful’, and opened the awards ceremony with a mixture of some of the biggest hits of the year.