Kelly Clarkson on Dr. Luke: “people told me that it’s sordid” Music


The singer Kelly Clarkson it would have been advised about the hazards of working with the music producer Dr. Lukeaccording to a report by Billboard.

In a statement obtained by us magazine, the singer of “Since U Been Gone” she said before the justice that he did not know about allegations of sexual abuse that did Kesha against Dr. Luke, but acknowledge that you do not like anything dealing with him, to the point of giving credits in their single from 2009, “My Life Would Suck Without You” because “I didn’t want to see their name next to yours”.

Clarkson points out that before the prosecution of Kesha come to light, she had said to the producer: “I don’t like you and I don’t want you in my life”.

In response to a question about whether she has ever seen Luke annoyed with someone, she said she saw Luke to be “disdainful and menospreciador”.

In addition, Clarkson said that he had heard that other musicians also liked to work with him, specifically to Pink, and that on the RCA record noted: “We are having difficulties with it working with other people. In fact, nearly all the women in our catalogue do not like to work with him.” She added: “In general, I don’t know anyone who likes to work with him.”

In response to a question about why others did not like the attitude of Luke, said: “people told me that it’s sordid”.

Kelly Clarkson is not the only one who has spoken about the case Kesha-Dr. Luke. This Monday have also been revealed statements where Katy Perry denied having been raped by a music producer.