Kelly Clarkson sings Mariah Carey Classic, and now Mariah makes requests


Kelly Clarkson love their songs cover, and it seems that is not the only one. After your latest version of a Mariah Carey classic, received a quick response from the own Mariah, and a request!

For a long time a concert staple for the “The voice” as a coach, Kelly has built-in songs cover in its programme of interviews as part of his segment, Kelly-oke. And just because the pandemic coronavirus has left your program in pause, along with nearly everything else, that doesn’t mean that Kelly is going to stop singing their favorite songs.

Kelly turned to Instagram to share a video of their cover story, which said that he performed while he was hiding in the bathroom so as not to disturb their children’s sleep.

She chose the song as a nod to Carey because, in reality, made reference to “Vanishing” in a recent episode of “The Voice” while he was trying to woo one of the contestants in his team. He went so far as to identify it as “Track 5”, proving that it is definitely a superfan, and then Mariah was happy to tweet your own love for one of the songs on Kelly.

Kelly, I will take your track 5 and you go up a track 3 on The meaning of life! ❤️ @kellyclarkson
+ Oh Mandi, that was so beautiful, apoyandote all the time! ❤️

– Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) march 18, 2020

“This is for Mariah because I know that he saw that episode of ‘the Voice’”, Kelly smiled at the camera, lamenting that he did not have a band or even a squadron glamorous for the video because I was trapped in a small cabin. But there was no need to embellish that incredible voice.

We are not sure of how small is actually that cabin, but that great voice old could not be contained in that bathroom, and we are not sure of how their children might have slept through that … although we suspect that they are somewhat used to that.

Kelly closed his video with a reminder to all of social distance and keeping your head held high in these difficult times and promised that she could release some music with his band through Skype, and possibly even interviewing some people. She would not be the first host of an interview program to change to an online format.

Once again, Mariah showed that not only is a fan of the work of Kelly, but is also paying attention to what you are doing, the winner of “American Idol” with multiple scripts, and clearly will not be offended even after Kelly apologized for change “Vanishing” to bit her in her a version cappella.

Commenting on the publication of Kelly, Mariah wrote: “oh, Beautiful interpretation! I know that usually you work 30 hours a day, 8 days a week, so this should be a great fit for you (as it is for all of us!”). He then asked Kelly to “continue sending the videos.”

She closed with a request for Kelly to perform her version of “Whenever You Call” Mariah below. How much you want to bet that Kelly will accept absolutely with that offer, and then maybe challenge Mariah to sing one of his songs and then we are much closer to a duet of Mariah-Kelly?

We are here for this festival of love, and now we know who we want as a first guest of Kelly when the show “The Kelly Clarkson” go back to the air!

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