Kylie Jenner and the whim of a rich girl “repulsive” that puts Instagram upside down



March 26, 2020
(14:10 CET)

There are certain celebrities that have a knack to screw it to the bottom in their social networks. In Spain Paula Echevarria or Cristina Pedroche are two of the best examples of this.

However, none of the two is at the height of the queen in this sense: Kylie Jenner. And they have not been few the times that a publication of the star american has caused a fire, and beasts, in Instagram.

In the vast majority of these cases, the mess has come about by the excessive glitz shows Kylie in their photos and in their videos. Many still remember the images of her daughter Stormi when I started walking set a purse valued at thousands of euros.

The whim of a rich girl Kylie Jenner

However, what he has done now has been much worse. And that is where the vast majority of his followers is confined at home, when thousands of people are dying by the coronavirus, and the entire planet is facing a health crisis without precedent, to Jenner has not happened another thing they teach through their histories to their last whim of a rich girl: chopsticks japanese brand Louis Vuitton worth, eye, $ 450.

Yes, you read that right, Kylie has decided that, in crisis by the COVID-19, a good way to brighten the day his followers has been to hang some pictures in their stories of their new chopsticks japanese “rich girl”, as pointed out by many.

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And of course, the sticks that have fallen is not that have been precisely a few. You have been told, in fact, of all: “you’re disgusting”, “Repulsive”, “This woman lives in another galaxy”, “The people are dying and you boasting of sticks $ 450”, “To see if you eat some sushi and you choke with your chopsticks” or “We are still waiting for you to make any donation to the hospitals…oh, no, that you’d like gastártelo in chopsticks japanese rich” are some of them.