“Lara Álvarez has a hygiene problem”. Get this in Survivors


March 26, 2020
(15:10 CET)

Social networks have become a double-edged sword for celebrities. And is that, as you well know one of the famous Spanish what peta on Instagram, Lara Álvarez, everything good that you give your followers will remove it, once in a while his haters.

In the case of the presenter, in the last few weeks there are many that he has not forgiven the skid that was in one of his direct in Instagram in that, thinking that he had already ended the connection, he let out a phrase that will accompany him throughout his life: “the people are delayed.”

A phrase that has served them to their haters to criticize it with all and by all in these last days. Each one of their publications in social networks have filled up with comments such as “You’re a fake,” “Less criticizing those who follow you and more thank you” or “I have disappointed both Lara… thought you were a girl the more normal and at the end it is evident that you have raised the success to the head”.

The mess with Lara Álvarez

But be careful because now, his detractors more belligerent in the networks have introduced a new variable in the usual criticism towards Alvarez: a hygiene problem. It appears to be, or at least that is what it points to many at the networks, echoing of any alleged seepage from the team Survivorsthat the asturian tends to sweat in excess.

That is why, being aware of the high temperatures in Honduras, Lara you shower more times than could be considered normal. Is it a problem? Many, with very bad faith, they do see it as well. Hence, it is to be able to read comments on the net and in the forums as “Lara Álvarez has a hygiene problem”.

This is obviously a way of his detractors of trying to leave by land Lara that, however, does what best to do in these case: not to give the slightest importance to this kind of criticism in the social networks.