Last time (and very bad) of Álex Lequio and Ana Obregon. Serious problems


Álex Lequio and Ana Obregon and Alessandro

March 25, 2020
(14:00 CET)

Álex Lequio had to do in front of a third phase of his treatment. For this, the entrepreneur moved to Barcelona, where he would live with his mother, Ana Obregón, until the next month of June. However these plans have completely changed. The young man has had to accept the drastic decision of his medical team. Lequio was from the beginning of march in the clinica Ruber of Madridhowever, the current health crisis has forced him to leave the hospital to go home. Hospitals from all over Spain are completely saturated ministering to the sick by coronavirus. A figure that does not stop growing.

Many of the people who should be admitted are finding themselves without beds, or delaying their operations. Right now the priority is another. In addition, Álex Lequio is a cancer patienttherefore a person of high risk of infection by coronavirus. Right now is safer in his house isolated in the hospital, where the viruses are in all the corners. It would be a delay if contagiase.

álex lequioThe young man was found in his house with his mother, his greatest support. The matriarch has not been separated from him at any time in these two years of relentless fight. His father has also been very close to him. Anyway, even though you are at home you will continue to receive treatment and the medical team will closely monitor their evolution and their care.

Ana Obregón halted trials of the work Fake Livemade exclusively for her. It was his return to the stage but this new setback complicated everything. However, the work could not be performed, even in the long term after the hard situation in the country. Everything is completely closed and the economic losses are going to be very hard.

Although interposes any obstacle in the struggle of Álex Lequio the young will overcome the disease with great success and then everything will return to normal. His great desire, and what we ourselves want. As well said Ana “want to go back to live”.