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Maluma and Natalia Balurich were one of the couples closer together and stable in the world of reggaeton. Sitting together in various events related to the music and were engaged in romantic phrases on Instagram.

Despite this, and after two years of relationship, they separated. Some rumors indicated that the model would have been unfaithful to the singer with football star Neymar. But it seems that the speculations were forgotten as recently they were seen strolling together in Los Angeles. Do you returned the love?

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Maluma and Natalia Balurich they met in 2017, during the recording of the video clip of the much talked about song ‘Happy 4’ of the colombian.

After this first meeting, the singer and cuban model-Croatian began dating in secret and without being photographed. Your romance it remained in private… at least for the start of the relationship.

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“I never thought that we would have the deep relationship that we have. I judged your kind of life. It is a rockstar. The first time I saw him of course was a ‘wow, it’s gorgeous’, but I didn’t think that was a serious thing,” he said in that time Balurich, who is already considered to Maluma, as ‘the love of his life’.

The couple consolidated more and more, to the point that, despite her busy schedule, the model accompanied her boyfriend to the different concerts that took place in different parts of the world.

The photo that confirmed the romance of Natalia Balurich and Maluma. Credits: Instagram.

At the beginning of 2018, both decided to confirm that they were bride and groom through a publication in Instagram where, sitting in a private plane and making a toast, were celebrating their first anniversary.

From that first photograph, the couple began to share different moments of their romance to their thousands of followers. “We cannot hide how we feel with each other. Love him so much and I’m happiest when I’m with him,” he said Balurich in an interview.

Natalia Balurich used to accompany Maluma their different shows around the world. Credits: The FM.

The relationship it seemed one of the most stable in the middle when they met their second year together. However, just a few months after they ended their romance. The brazilian press about a possible infidelity of the model with the player of PSG, Neymarwho would be trying to cometh nigh shall be put to Balurichwhen this was in Europe.

After the separation, Maluma was linked to other women, as the model Winnie Harlow. But these speculations were never confirmed. A few days ago, has surfaced in the media, a rumor that the singer and Natalia Balurich would have resumed his romance. Both were captured by a paparazzi while they were walking together through the streets of Los Angeles. In addition, both have started to send indirect social networks. The last to do so was the well-known ‘Pretty boy’.

Maluma and Natalia Balurich in Los Angeles. Credits: Instagram.

It is known that, despite its separationmaintained a cordial relationship and friendship. So that it would not be strange that, as indicated by some international media, is extrañen and have decided to get back together. The followers of the singer maintained the expectation.