Maria Leon teaches his attributes to brighten up the shelter by Coronavirus


María León was nostalgic in his account of Instagram during their quarantine by Coronaviruswhere their 1.6 million followers they took away the surprise of a hot photo singer mexican making a funny gesture in front of the camera, highlighting her beautiful eyes and toned figure of a professional dancer.

The interpreter “Amor Illegal” he recalled the importance of remaining at home during the period of prevention against the COVID-19times , times that have been hard for many people to stay away from their loved ones and the Sergeant Leon is one of the celebrities who have helped to keep a attitude positive.

“I have saved the heart so when everything passes, I save the smile for when you can see, I have stored the memories to keep me company, between the loneliness and some tunes step another sunset… I keep for you, to embrace us again,” wrote Maria Leon on his account of Instagram.

María León vs Coronavirus

Fans of the mexican singer’s praised for showing off your natural beauty in front of the camera, being a lot of comments that made mention of the posture of María León on the pandemic Coronavirus, as he has shared his exercise routines on his Youtube channel and some of the challenges to perform from home.

The most recent is the #Handstandchallenge that he invited his fans to head for 30 seconds, being something beneficial to stay active during the quarantine period and even the famous athlete Brenda Castro dared to do it, what was left fascinated to María León with its publication.

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  • “This woman is a [email protected]# with all your letters and in uppercase, it is a great inspiration to me and an example that the superpowers exist, I love you warrior…”