Mary Pedraza (Toy Boy) isolated! With the best company


March 26, 2020
(16:42 CET)

All citizens are confined in quarantine due to the state of alarm in which it is located in the country. Some are with friends, others with family, in couple or alone. In the case of Maria Pedraza has the luck of being in very good company. The actress Toy Boy it has been in Madrid with Jaime Lorente. After you find a time the couple returned to catch yourself with the urge and not be separated even for a moment. Statistics say that this confinement will bring many divorces, however in his case has united them more than ever.

Just look at their stories of Instagram, or the cloying publications that give their followers. The chemistry and complicity between them is obvious. Mary Pedraza has become paparazzi and follow your boyfriend around the house with mobile in hand. Want to record everything you do. And sometimes he is fed up and jokingly tells: “Let me in peace!”. It could be a Scene of marriage, youth-friendly version.

Young people rap, they eat together, cook and the beauty of both makes them crazy and mad to their millions of followers on social networks. The couple is a wonder of the confinement, however, already have wanted everything to return to the street to be able to walk his love for the streets of Madrid and especially to recover his professional commitments.

Of time, Mary Pedraza has become to make your promo go viral thanks to the great success all over the world of Toy Boy, the series of Antena 3 that succeeded without penalty or glory for the private network, but on the platform, streaming has been around a pitch and Netflix already assesses the possibility of a second season.

In these weeks, Pedraza has been to learn to play the guitar. How dare the two of you together, to compose a song? For his part, the actor is also taking advantage of the lockdown to sign up to challenges as various as the #10toqueschallenge that, in his house, he ended up with the toilet paper roll in the soup, but in the end he ended up getting it.