Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin share a tutorial of the makeup together


Concerts virtual, courses, lectures and podcasts, some fashion brands that are launching to make more bearable the quarantine or the challenges viral with those who practice sport don’t give laziness are some of the proposals that we are seeing in recent days on social networks. These platforms have become a must (more if possible) to maintain the contact of the easiest way and to escape at any time of the day. In The United States, Miley Cyrus has been one of the first to demonstrate once more its ingenuity by launching a live program in its profile of Instagram, baptized as Bright Minded. He began his broadcast when they started the landfill in your city a week ago, and since then has talked with guests like Demi Lovato, Ellen Degeneres, Rita Ora, Jeremy Scott, or Hailey Baldwin. With the model held a fun kind of makeup where the two celebrities showed as well that you carry. This is what we’ve learned from the tutorial, where Hailey explained the look of beauty that would take him on a Friday night.

Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin

Three levels of shadows ‘nude’

At the beginning of this particular masterclass, Hailey says that usually it takes not too much makeup, although they did invest a lot of time in the care of your skin. “Really, even if you have a dinner, or go out on a Friday night to take something, I’m not the type of girl that is in front of the mirror for 45 minutes applying (…) I like more natural makeup”explains to Miley before you start the tutorial.

In the first place, with a clean face, start to make up your eyes with a palette of Bare Minerals of various shades, nude and earth. The first step is to apply the shadow more clear, a beige almost white, all over the upper eyelid and then add a soft pink and finally a shadow color earth. To achieve a finish that is smoky, apply the last shade on the lower eyelid, blending with a brush. As a final touch, the mask of tabs.

Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin

Enlightening yes, but in format cream

Once made up the eyes, continue with the rest of the face. Lover of natural makeup, Hailey dispenses the make-up base and applied directly bronzer in the face. After, go up the flush of the cheeks with a blush, natural pink. And as a third step, your must-have product, the illuminator: “if I don’t have time and I have to go out, use illuminator and mask”, its two basic infallible. The illuminator you choose a product format cream and bronze color applied with small touches in the septum of the nose, the highest part of the cheekbone and Cupid’s bow.

Lips ‘rouge’ VS ‘nude’

To complete the look of beauty, Miley bet for a red lip gloss. The singer explains that it takes two years using the same lip. Before applying the bar, outline the edge with a pencil, as having the form of the lips very rounded, this way you get to define them better, as she herself explains. In front of the rouge of the artist, Hailey follows her usual formula with a lip brown nude, one of the tones most used in their public appearances.

While you wear make-up, Miley and Hailey are chatting like two friends in front of the mirror and, between trick trick and also have time to tell some other story. For example, the singer of Slide Awayconfides what is the look of the red carpet you like least, from the point of view of the makeup: “The Grammy of 2008, with the continued super-thin, and the eyes outlined in black, features in the video, which has already accumulated nearly three and a half million views and hundreds of comments.