Miley Cyrus revives “Hannah Montana” with a special guest: Emily Osment


The motto “I stay at home” comes flying around the world and many celebrities have joined this cause that seeks to raise the awareness of the people around the quarantine as the most effective measure to slow the advance of the new coronavirus.

Precisely, Miley Cyrus is a supporter of this campaign and for this reason, from your account of Instagram, has been making transmissions under the name “Bright Minded: Live With Miley” in order to entertain their followers in the duration of the confinement.

In her latest video, called attention to the last invited to the program Cyrus it Emily Osment, who embody her best friend in the series “Hannah Montana”. The actress called this reunion “the meeting of the decade” and together, relived fun moments of the production of the Disney Channel.


How was the first press conference of the cast of “Hannah Montana”? Miley Cyrus he recalled details of this episode, as his teeth had “decided to fall out a month before your photo session”. “My mother had to get me some false teeth” said the singer of “The Climb”.

However, beyond the touch points relative to the series of Disney, Emily Osment focused on to share your concern for pets and the way in which the pandemic coronavirus affects you. Position Cyrus supported, as it also is a great lover of animals

It is a great moment for those people who, in this situation, can bring something to the table” he said from his account of Instagram. “It is a good time to adopt or foster, but it is very important to talk about the financial responsibility and stress that a pet can cause in a family during this time of financial difficulty. The best way to draw attention to man’s best friend is to attract the best duo of friends that always encouraged people to do what is best and right,” he added.


As we remember, in addition to Osment, other stars have passed through the transmission Miley Cyrus. Among them, Demi Lovato, who through a video chat revealed that after her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 was not able to wear a bikini for two years due to the comments received on his body.

Ellen DeGeneres, Rita Ora and Hailey Baldwin were also interviews by the exchica Disney. In one of them, Cyrus confessed the reasons why he left the church: “I had some gay friends in the college. That is the reason why I left my church, because it is not accepted, they sent therapies conversion… I also had difficulties to find my sexuality,” he said.