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To facilitate the understanding of foreign texts in a country where very few people speak English, some famous YouTuber has made a cover in the Russian style of the greatest musical hits of the last few years. And there is a boom of views

The musical tastes of the russians are numerous and varied as the russians themselves. It is not surprising, then, that the people of the Federation, listening to the hits of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and other international stars in pop music. Understand the lyrics of the songs, however, is not simple: in a country where very few people speak English here, we have explained why), he feels the need to translate songs into Russian. And that is exactly what they are doing lot of bloggers translate the songs, with a dash of “russità”, and launch new video-clip. The result? A boom of views on YouTube!

We present the best three performers who have ventured into this enterprise.

1 / Klava Coca

Klava Coca (Koka) is a young Russian singer, very popular. He is a member of the music label Black Star, which gives space to artists, pop, and hip-hop’s most successful in Russia. The music video of Klava have already obtained tens of millions of views on YouTube.

At the age of 23, Klava has conquered the public with her image being sexy and seductive. It has recently launched a new song made with his alleged boyfriend, singer and blogger Morgenstern. Their video got 27 million views in just two months!

Klava is also a popular blogger: she recorded an unusual music video in collaboration with the most popular Instagrammers russians, who have sung his song “I’m In Love With an *sshole”, through the stories of Instagram.

Klava has then imagined would be like the foreign songs if they were sung in Russian and launched the book #КлаваТранслейт (Klava Translate) on her YouTube channel.

One of his cover version of the most successful was “Despacito” which has garnered nearly three million views on YouTube.

She also translated the song bilingual English-Korean “Boy With Luv”, of the BTS.

Here’s his cover of “7 rings” by Ariana Grande:

Don’t miss his version of “Dance Monkey” of Tones and The!

And the song “Havana” Camila Cabello…

No list would be complete without a “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish, of course!

2 / Radio Tapok

Radio Tapok, aka Oleg Abramov, is a multi-instrumentalist in 30 years, which produces a cover of the greatest rock hits. Together with his team, composed of five people, create video-clips similar to the original ones, adapting their look to that of the original singer.

Is a star on YouTube in 2014-and over the years has obtained a huge following, both at home and abroad.

His version of “Du Hast” of Rammstein, for example, has collected more than five million views! The russians are a real fan of Rammstein, and many of them have learned German just to understand what they say in their songs. It is not surprising, then, that Radio Tapok has translated several songs of this famous musical group in Berlin.

The russians are big fans of Linkin Park: here, then, is the new version of the song “Numb” by Linkin Park, signed by Radio Tapok.

Radio Tapok has also translated in Russian, the song of “The Witcher”.

And Gorillaz…

Listen to this!

Here is a tribute to the Swedish band Sabaton.

By the way, Radio Tapok has even performed with the Sabaton, a band heavy/power metal Swedish.

3 / The Moors

Olga Redoran, better known as The Mori, or MONADA, is a blogger and a rock star on the rise. Eyeliner, bruises, cigarettes and torn stockings make her a queen of the stage in the style of Amy Winehouse.

The Mori seeks to promote their works through the pages of the social network, regardless of the help of its manufacturer. Describe with a short video his way of composing and recording the music, and performs covers of popular foreign songs in Russian language. His repertoire consists mainly of rock songs signed by his idols.

Here is “Runaway” by Linkin Park:

And the recent success of the band, “Crawling”:

Here, instead, a performance very fond of “Kiss Me” by Katy Perry:

And, of course, the award-winning Billie Eilish with “Everything I Wanted”:

In the list could not miss Avril Lavigne…

…and Evanescence!

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