Natti Natasha, the object of criticism for publishing photos on the beach in the middle of the quarantine


Despite the fact that Natti Natasha always seems to receive positive reviews on their publications, usually where their fans stand out for their beauty, and sympathy, in the last hours has become the focus of criticism after he shared some images meditating outdoor on beach.

The artist is from days ago in the Virgin Islands, from where she has shared some routines of exercises under the hashtag #cuarentenatraining, photos in showing her figure in a bikini and, now, a snapshot in which it appears meditating in the sand.

These last photos do not have sat well among your community of followers, as many feel that the singer should not go out to the street by the pandemic of the coronavirus. For this, your last post was filled with comments, that the urge to stay at home.

“Stay in your house”, “what about the quarantine?”, “Better to meditate at home in the room or in the room should not be to meditate outside with this pandemic that walk we need to take care of us and more of you”, are just some of the many comments that make reference to that should stay at home.

Despite the fact that the artist has made no reference to the dozens of messages that have been received on the topic, in a live Instagram itself has tried to explain that both she and Rafael Pina, who is located in the paradise destination, they are quarantined and have no contact with anyone and are only out to stay physically active.

A few days ago he also shared in the section of stories some pictures in a bikini on the deck of a boat. For these pictures was labelled frivolous by the users of social networks on the comment boards of the profiles that were published. Many netizens did not see with good eyes that he was up this type of content while a large part of the world is worried by the advance of the coronavirus.

And what is that to thee? What do you think?