Netflix fills the streets with spoilers of the series to avoid you to skip the quarantine


In Spain we have a state of alarm, and mandatory quarantine, from the 14 of march. The crisis of the coronavirus is being fattened especially with our country, but in other parts of the world have also adopted the recommendation that staying home is the best solution to curb the curve of infections. Obviously, without an express obligation of governments there are many people that still comes out to the street as if nothing (to with obligation and fines do), so that Netflix has decided to take action in the matter.

The advertising department of the streaming platform has devised an advertising campaign that, in addition, serve as a deterrent to those who do not take the pandemic of coronavirus seriously. Have been placed in the streets and public spaces with spoilers of their most successful seriesas the ‘house paper’, ‘Stranger Things’, or ‘Narcos’.

So, all that out in the street you risk now has not only infected with the COVID-19, but to discover what happens to Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’, or with Rachel in ‘The house of paper’. And accompanying it all with a live hashtag: #StayTheFuckHome, #QuédateEnTuPutaCasa.

Campaign spoilers Netflix


All help is walking against the coronavirus. While the number of cases already exceeds the worldwide level 470.000each government seeks to curb the number of infections to not collapse their health care systems. But for that they need the help of everyone. Please stay at home. Here you have a list of 75 movies if you already do not know what to see.