New details of the upcoming album of Kelly Clarkson: pop, top | Music


Much has happened since the publication of the last disk Kelly Clarksonspecifically for about two years, and their fans, as is logical, are already eager to hear new material from their favorite singer.

To date, he has spoken very little of the ninth album of the artist. The latest reports suggested that his new album would combine pop and soul, and now, according to rumors that are handled in social networks, the disc has all chances to be a real pitch.

To start with, is saying that Kelly will have with some producers of success for search eagerly for a hitazo pop that break in the main charts all over the world. According to this, the singer would have been locked up these past few months in the recording studio of Los Angeles to close the largest number of topics, including the best in a record that could come out at the end of this year.

It is good to remember that the Kelly Clarkson already ruled on his ninth album, ensuring that KC9 it was as if Meaning of Life, Breakaway and Stronger they had a son. Now, to what does the album look more like? We have it clear: we prefer the Kelly Breakaway and Stronger.