“No two clients are the same,” says the vice-president of Amazon Fashion


Immaculate Tapia

Madrid, 24 mar. (EFE).- Amazon, the largest platform of internet sales, expanded two years ago his offer to fashion designs of apparel brands along with the signatures of prestige such as Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, in addition to include creations of celebrities such as Rihanna or Sarah Jessica Parker.

“There are No two customers the same”, has assured Efe John Boumphrey, vice president of Amazon Fashion, and hence their proposal to be increasingly varied so that each one of them find the style that most closely matches their tastes.

“Fashion is a priority for our customers and therefore for us”, adds Boumphrey, who makes a very positive balance of these two years, after an analysis of the comments of the users.

Boumphrey explains that her “engagement” with the industry and its customers leads them to offer more and more products and sizes, in addition to exploring new formulas to make them accessible in an attractive way.

Your last bet has been “The Drop”, a new shopping experience with collections designed by “influencers” from around the world, sold in exclusive for 30 hours, made on-demand, in which they have already collaborated Paola Alberdi, Leonie Hanne or Charlotte Groeneveld.

You acknowledge that, the strategy of resorting to the design of clothing by popular figures and leaders of the social networks with millions of followers it has received “really positive”.

“We learn constantly and, as a digital company, we are agile and we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers to continue to improve,” said the vice president of fashion for Amazon, who explained that the launch of “The Drop” used social media to find out what parts were the most desired by future buyers.

An experience marked by the need of “uniqueness” that makes the client, with collections of urban style, “limited edition”, to be available only for a few hours, “even less, if it runs out”, indicates Boumphrey.

The latest initiative of purchase, experiential, by the giant of internet shopping, it was the launch of “Destination Denim”, his first experience of “on line” and “off-line”, which took place over four days at Kuehlhaus (Berlin), in which also participated consumers in Italy, France, Uk, Germany and Spain.

A proposal with which it was intended that each and every client find their “jean perfect” through a combination of products of “big brands, the latest technology and an attractive buy different”, which fused fashion, technology, music and culture, and in which Rita Ora, gave a concert.

Amazon has over 100 million customers to Prime in all of the world to which it gives preferential treatment: in addition to benefit in the speed of shipping, also can test items at home and only pay for those that decide to keep.

Boumphrey ensures that their goal is to provide experiences and points that are never secure in what is proposed by the competition, with the clear intention of “driving” a shopping experience “innovative” and “fun”, to a “very solid” of customers.

“Not discussed future plans. But if something works we will continue to do so”, concludes John Boumphrey. EFE


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