NOW YES – Daniel Elbittar revive his song “I’m Alive” next to Chyno y Nacho (+VIDEO)


Daniel Elbittar premiered again the original version of your theme I Am Alive in a featured with Chyno y Nacho.

The return of Chyno y Nacho as a duo has brought many joys not only to its busy public, but also to several artists who had the opportunity to collaborate with them at some point in his career and wanted to do it again. After the premiere of Rarenow came to light again the song that they are both involved together with the venezuelan artist Daniel Elbittar.

The topic I Am Alive had been etched with great anticipation, however, the publication of the video would be out already with the artists separate, but due to legal reasons Daniel could not carry out the publication of this audio-visual material in a formal way. This led him to draw his own version of the song, which is already published on your YouTube channel since several years ago.

But thanks to the unexpected return of the well-known singers, Elbittar was able to publish her video next to them and, although at the date of publication notes that the video is released since the September 19, 2019, what is certain is that this March 19, 2020 is that the fans are enjoying the video so official and so freely, without restrictions.

I Am Alive with more than 1 million hits on the official channel of Daniel Elbittar in this platform, where there 81 thousand followers.

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