Oh Antje Utgaard has a size problem! Demi Rose it scorched!


The titles of goddess on Instagram they have the same length as a piece of candy to the door of a school, little not to say nothing. But if next to the name of goddess is the name of Antje Utgaard the thing acquires other dimensions.

Young, beautiful and ideal candidate to form rows in the section rose for reasons that are obvious, so is the american who has managed to achieve 2 million unconditional on the basis of publications that normal they have rather little.

Since he knew that his triumph was assured thanks to his physical, Andje started to get to know all those famous that in some way they could let you shadow in a matter of size. Started with Anastasiya Kvitko for it to be considered the curvy for excellence but it soon became fixed in the body impossible of Demi Rose and knew that in order to get to the top would have to overcome that of the mannequin.

Reproduced their manner of dress or take a little, perched lightweight fabric and way of looking at the target with such care that the little the rest of influencers these were the ones that copied it, the name Antje was already respected.

And with the hole in the section rosa secured, the eyes of the stalwarts ensure that the size of the model has surpassed the Demithat the american does not need to strive more in draw curves because it is clear that the Russian has been relegated to a second place.

It is hard to believe that you may have something superior to Rosebecause all of your activity has been designed to increase what is known, but note that Utgaard has also focused on the same things, maybe with more luck or the same thanks to the crossfit that practiceany excuse is valid to try to justify it.