Or to Maluma put a message as well: the dedication of Natalia Barulich to Neymar


On 5 February, the brazilian star celebrated her birthday number 28, and as is tradition, did not spare and got fiestica for your new year of life.

However, the big surprise in their meeting was the appearance of Natalia Barulich. The ex-Maluma was present in his party and continue to increase rumors that the model and the footballer maintain a relationship.

After the Croatian-cuban cut his relationship with the ‘Pretty Boy’, he began to see very close to Neymar. Although some claim that they are just friends, others think that it was not of free his break with the paisa to be able to be next to the brazilian star.

In fact, on his birthday, Natalia will put up a message quite motivating to the brazilian in their stories of Instagram. There, Barulich you wrote that “they all know how talented he is, but I wish I could see the real and beautiful you are in your heart. You have my respect and honor, baby.”

The message that I put Natalia Barulich to Neymar for his birthday: