PHOTO: Maribel Guardia impacts on Instagram with sensual BIKINAZO

Maribel Guardia it has captivated its more than 4.6 million followers in Instagram with new photography bikinithis from the comfort of your home where presumed lead a luxurious quarantine by Coronavirus, which was commented on by be a good alternative to pass the time.

Sitting in a lawn chair at the edge of the pool, the celebrity costa rican wore a sexy bathing suit purple color, the hair-natural with a little makeup to highlight their lips and bragged about a hot pose that is left to see about their well-provided attributes to their 60 years of age.

The famous Maribel Guardia does not soon receive a wave of comments that praised his current fitness, but there were also some who criticized her for showing off his luxurious style of life, a situation that was upsetting to other users of Instagram not to find positive side of the publication.

Maribel Guardia in bikini

“Never a night has conquered the dawn, and never a problem has defeated the hope. #Coronavirus”

“So either stay at home in Quarantine and by good I mean that luxury with this garden in that chair with all that is good. The material,” wrote one user criticizing the famous, but Maribel Guardia surprised with a reply to this comment saying the following: “Kisses and blessings.”

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So with your head up high and eliminating the negative aspects of social networks, the sultry actress costa rican continued to be active in the comments of your publication of Instagram, because they enjoy reading the point of view of their fans despite how negative that may be the reactions on some occasions.

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