Premieres HBO April: All the series, movies and documentaries that come to the platform this month


The premieres HBO in April they may not have come at a better time. After a couple of weeks that we’ve devoured all the entertainment there in the streaming platforms, the library and up to the chests of movies on VHS of the storage room, the fresh material comes to us as water may.

Thus, the contents that are included between the premieres of HBO for April are both original series opening (highlight Run and The undeniable truth), as new seasons of the series that we loved (Killing Eve) and a good arsenal of films that entertain us.

There are also plenty of documentaries with a film and a documentary series. The first tells us the history of Christian Dawkins, while the second brings us closer to the reality of the lost children of Atlanta.


Premieres HBO in April: Series


We have the news that many were waiting for: again Killing Eve. The series, starring Sandra Oh, is one of the best of our generation, and now returns to our screens with season 3. On the other hand, the premieres of HBO in April include new deliveriesas the thriller of the hispano-Portuguese Water dry, comedy Run Phoebe Waller Bridge or the arrival of Mark Ruffalo to The undeniable truth.

  • Water dry: April 1,

  • The Ministry of the Time (seasons 1 to 3): 1 April

  • Siren: 3 April

  • Future Man: April 4,

  • Run: April 13,

  • Insecure (season 4): April 13

  • Mrs. America: April 15,

  • What we do in the shadows (season 2): 15 April

  • We’re Here: April 24,

  • Killing Eve (season 3): 27 April

  • The undeniable truth (I Know This Much Is True): April 28,


Premieres HBO in April: Films

© The life of Adèle (Kechiche, 2013)

Shooter (The shooter), one of the action films most remembered of the first decade of the 2000s, comes to the screen with the month that it premiered. Also we will study the sensitivity of The life of Adèle and we will have a dose of comedy with Death at a funeral.

  • Contagion: April 1,

  • Spider-Man: April 1,

  • Spider-Man 2: April 1,

  • Spider-Man 3: April 1,

  • Night games: April 1,

  • 15:17 Train to Paris: April 1,

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The power of Electro: April 1,

  • The Orphan: April 1,

  • Project Rampage: April 1,

  • Ready Player One: April 1,

  • Sex Tape. Something happens in the cloud: April 1,

  • Hannah Arendt: April 1,

  • The unknown: 3 April

  • Jack Ryan: April 8,

  • Mission Impossible: Nation Secret: April 8,

  • ShooterApril 8,

  • Entourage (The entourage). The film: April 10,

  • Godzilla: April 10,

  • Silence: April 10,

  • Carol: 17 April

  • Rock’n rolla: 17 April

  • 10,000 BC: April 17,

  • The plot: April 17,

  • Last DaysApril 22,

  • Hereditary: 24 April

  • A story of revenge: April 24,

  • Blood Father: 24 April

  • The life of Adèle: April 24,

  • Rendel: 24 April

  • Baby Driver: April 26,

  • Death at a funeral: April 26,

  • You the wear!: April 28,

  • XXX2: State of emergency: 29 April


Premieres HBO in April: Documentary


Between 1979 and 1981 there were at least 30 african-american children who have disappeared or were murdered in Atlanta. The majority of the cases were closed without resolution, and today HBO brings us the voices of all those families and to the evidence of the research.

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