Recorded at Yuliett Towers open legs and doing this!


Since they closed the account Instagram of Yuliet Torres and reopened several days later, it ended with the ignorance dand the mexican for those who had no news of its existence, although unlikely.

The model that seeks to take away the job to Kim Kardashian by that of the size of rear and because theirs is natural unlike the american, has become a champion of the movement that argues that women display body with ease, as she does in their publications.

Subiditas tone, and no marking, but directly entering in the field and teachingbecause that is what they ask for, and is what gives it Yuliet never disappoints!

And that is, if the model has a tendency to teach body and neither short nor the censorship just with her, what you with the gym and the way in which exercise muscles to get that anatomy is not far behind.

Video sharing and video intended to replicateas if it were the easiest thing in the world and as if all pudiéremos, you are a phenomenon!

And for us to do this, or to at least try to, Yuliet has returned to hang another one of those routines is only possible for a few.

A kind of squats the style ‘more difficult still’ in which the dummy open legs up and down while his rear moves to the beat of the year. “There’s always time to burn calories,” says Yuliet’s as if we read the thought.

And the same is known to us that exercise is going to cost us the triple to do it or the same or what we are going to do. The case is that it looks easy, same and all, we gave it a try.