Rihanna opens up a lot of the legs and the photograph teaching this!


March 26, 2020
(13:10 CET)

When Instagram came a time in our lives, many celebrities were in this social network a very good way of self promotion. Rihanna was one of them. Yes, as everything in the life of the singer caribbean, the artist chose a type of publications very much their style, that is to say, provocative, sensual, daring and even, at some point, controversial.

A Rihanna that, as I was becoming a star of the music scene, he would discover also that could optra in other ways. So, once it was already considered as one of the great artists of the time, surprised own and strange going in another direction: that of fashion.

The photo of Rihanna

A new idea that has resulted in the launch of a brand of underwear that, of course, being who he is, what has petado. Yuna of the reasons for their outfits, which is not that they are precisely discrete, are petando both, is that in many occasions it is she who appears in the promotional photos.

A tactic used by many other celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, and that, having regard to what has been seen, it works wonders. And more if, as we can see in the image below, the of Barbados leaves very very little to the imagination.


And is that in the picture we see Rihanna posing with an outfit very sensual, of course, has left his followers with the mouth open. While it is true that there have been many that have been criticized for overuse of Photoshop, there are not a few who say that it is “precious.”

“What a woman”, “Spectacular”, “Rihanna is a goddess whatever they say”, “you can’t be more beautiful and more beautiful”, “I alucino with this woman” or “Rihanna in a pure state, I love it,” are some of the many opinions that circulate next to the photo in question.